Approx. 90 minutes — Mild Exertion

PrairieAdventures Tours is operated at the EJE Ranch just south of Kimball. This ranch is a 4th generation family cow/calf operation that has always strived to work with mother nature. The ranch is almost entirely native short grass prairie that has never been tilled. It hosts a ton of native wildlife in addition to the herds and is a great place for bird watching. In addition to tours, the EJE Ranch hosts an annual harvest moon gazing party out in the pasture, as well as prairie wildflower hikes and birdwatching hikes in season.



Approx. 90 minutes — Mild Exertion

BeeHaven Farms is a small cow/calf operation just north of Kimball on Highway 71. Their ranch is almost all shortgrass prairie that is home to a wide array of native species. In addition to their ranching operation, they also have chickens, ducks, and sheep to go along with an extensive garden, apiary (honey bees), and a growing greenhouse operation. They’re more than happy to show visitors around and they also have a store that features produce and products from local operations. For larger groups, they will arrange a fresh farm to fork meal with sufficient notice. To learn more about their operation go to or stop by if you’re in the area.


Approx. 90 minutes — Mild Exertion

A working ranch that raises grass fed American bison (buffalo). Tours are only available in late spring, summer, and fall on the weekends and during daylight hours. Up to 6 people only, with 48 hour advanced reservation required.


Wind Energy FarmWind Farm

The Wind Project at Kimball
The Wind Project consists of twelve turbines and is located northwest of Kimball, in western Nebraska. The project was created to provide reliable, economical, environmentally friendly energy to  participating utilities and their customers. The wind farm provides energy to communities in Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming.


Treasure Trek

Treasure Trek is a collection of seven antique and second-hand stores in the town of Kimball. The best browsing day is Saturday! For a map of locations, contact us at the High Point Welcome Center. We can point you in the direction of some other unusual shops, too.

Specialty Shopping

Specialty Shopping

Kimball County has a wide variety of shops and stores that feature things that you might not find anywhere else. The list is also on the back of the Treasure Trek map.



Kimball Historic Walking TourHistorical Walking Tour

This tour will take you through downtown Kimball showing you the history and evolution of our community.



Peace Plaque Scavenger Hunt

Kimball once claimed the title “America’s Missile Center” because we have about 250 missile sites in our area. We still have a strong military presence and our citizens have a deep respect for all who serve in the military to promote peace in the world.

Kimball also promotes peace. Peace quote plaques found in business establishments encourage harmony in our lives. Follow the Kimball map and learn about national and world leaders who help keep peace and their famous peace quotes. Get a map from the Welcome Center on I-80. Get started on your scavenger hunt!

For The Birds [Not available for 2018.]Birding tours

April 1 to May 15 the Mountain Plover migration comes through Kimball and bird watching tours leave from the welcome center every Tuesday at 6:30 a.m.. There is also a weekly hawk watch every Thursday at 6:30 a.m. and weekly ground nesting viewing on Saturdays at 8 a.m. Tours leave from the Welcome Center, weather permitting. Call 308-241-0573 for a reservation.


Wild Flowers [Not available in 2018.]image010

The first week of June is Nebraska Wildflower Week, but all of June is good for wildflowers.  If you are interested in a wildflower hike, set tours are scheduled for 8 a.m. both Saturday and Sunday of the starting weekend and the closing weekend of Nebraska Wildflower Week. There is also a 6 p.m. hike on Wednesday evening of that week.  Tours are dependent on the weather. Reservations are required. Meet at the High Point Welcome Center of Western Nebraska located at I-80, Exit 20.

Wildflower tours and Short Grass Prairie tours are available the rest of the month of June by arrangement. Group rates are available. Contact us for more information.

SunnyView Gardens

These beautiful gardens are open to tours by appointment from July through the first frost. Enjoy this amazing flower garden. To schedule a tour call 308-241-1420.

After June, you are invited to tour SunnyView Gardens, 501 Adams Street, Kimball. The Gardens are on display until the first freeze ends the season. Musical light shows for Halloween and Christmas begin in early October. Contact us for more information.



Western Nebraska Golf Trail Rack CardWestern Nebraska Golf Trail

Prepare to golf up to 4 of the best courses in Western
Nebraska. Build your package: choose the courses and your hotels. We’ll make all the arrangements. Call 844-202-4653 to schedule. Click here to download the brochure.




Girlfriends Treasure Trek

Spend the weekend shopping for antiques, browsing second-hand shops, and discovering hidden treasures. Call 308-241-0573 for details. Click here to download the brochure.